Pumpkin seeds with shell eat? - To eat properly

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Pumpkin seeds with shell eat?  - To eat properly

Pumpkin seeds - eat or unshelled?

Pumpkin seeds to eat - with or without peel?

The question of whether you should eat pumpkin seeds or unshelled will answer them below.

  • Normally, you should peel pumpkin seeds before eating them. Because the shell of the cores is usually very tough and dry, but not toxic.
  • For this reason, you can eat with the dish without hesitation, in some cases - try out easily, in which pumpkin seed varieties this is possible and what not. Be there but please be careful and pay attention to your teeth.
  • If you want to further process pumpkin seeds, however, you should remove the peel. To keep yourself and your guests from unpleasant (taste) surprises.

Whether you eat pumpkin seeds or unshelled, which is partly a matter of taste. Try it just once from.

Recipe with pumpkin seeds - wild garlic pumpkin seed pesto

Find a simple recipe for a delicious wild garlic pesto with pumpkin seeds.

  1. Peel out the pumpkin seeds, if this should not be peeled.
  2. Then wash the wild garlic and cut it into medium-sized strips.
  3. Then enter the wild garlic strip and the peeled pumpkin seeds in a mortar. Also a kitchen appliance with Pürierfunktion suitable for the production of pesto.
  4. Add gradually the olive oil. Even the grated parmesan should portions surrender.
  5. Finally, you spice up your wild garlic pumpkin seed pesto with a little pumpkin seed oil and salt and pepper.

The homemade pesto fits nicely with fresh pasta. Enjoy your meal!

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