purchased car: now what? - Advice for first steps

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purchased car: now what?  - Advice for first steps

A selling car you need to sign Andrea Damm / Pixelio

Once you have bought another car, you can not drive off with it immediately. You should first inquire what things should be done now even before you are allowed to drive the car on public roads.

bought a new car - you have to do now

  1. Once you have purchased a new or used car, the vehicle documents shall be returned.
  2. With the vehicle documents you first need to your car insurance. There you must take out liability insurance for the purchased car.
  3. You get from your insurance, proof of insurance. Once called this proof dual card, nowadays, there is now an electronic detection.
  4. This proof of car insurance you can for accreditation body which is responsible for your place of residence, go and register the car.
  5. In addition to the proof of insurance you need, of course, the registration papers and your passport.
  6. Now what next comes to you, is simple. From the Admissions Office you get a certificate that allows you to go to the sign maker.
  7. The sign maker then establishes your new indicator. With which you must then again for approval body.
  8. Then you get your certificate part 1 handed.

What is there now have to consider?

  1. Once you have your new car approved, you must sign a final contract of insurance with your insurance company now yet.
  2. You can also buy additional insurance benefits, such as part - choose or comprehensive cover.
  3. If you have bought a new car, is usually a comprehensive insurance is the best choice. With an older cars a partial cover insurance is usually sufficient completely.

What you now also still should note after you have bought another car, is that the new car may have different handling characteristics than your previous car. Therefore, you should take a little more careful in the first time to get used to the new car.

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