Pure gold simply recognize itself - how it works

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Pure gold simply recognize itself - how it works

Pure gold can hardly even recognize.

  • Pure gold is with the naked eye hardly to be recognized. While there are a few ways to find out eventually, but to be absolutely sure can, you need a specialist, so a jeweler.
  • So you can try to find out if the gold is really genuine, but a precise security you as a layman never. The subsequent test with the water volume is approximately nor the most accurate test. The acid test is indeed really accurate, the acquisition but quite costly. For a one-time test is therefore not worthwhile to procure the acid.

So one can possibly recognize pure gold

  1. to recognize an important clue to pure gold is the imprint of the karat. Unfortunately, also many fakes this imprint. One possibility is to measure the weight.
  2. For this you need a glass of water that is filled to the brim.
  3. Weigh the full glass and write down the weight on.
  4. Now take into gold.
  5. The gold will displace the water, the glass is overflowing.
  6. Now take out the gold and weigh the glass again.
  7. Link the two results the difference and multiply by 19.5.
  8. When you weigh the piece of gold, you would get the same result.
  • If it is a thin piece of gold, you try to bend it. Pure gold is very soft and easy to bend.
  • Anyone slightly familiar with chemistry, can also make an acid test. But but you need a special acid and various utensils that are quite expensive.
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