Pushups - which muscles are strengthened and how they are carried out properly

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Pushups - which muscles are strengthened and how they are carried out properly

Pushups - properly executed - are good for the body voltage.

Pushups - to train still a very effective way,

  • Pushups are a demanding exercise, even if it looks so easy, because you're "only" used his own body as a training device. Beginners should therefore only times start with the "ladies pushups", where you go on elbows and hands in pushup. Which muscles you is take this to the width of the arm position.
  • It is important that you be very careful in the beginning, to keep the necessary body tension, because if you fall into the hollow back, because you miss the power in the muscles, then hurt the pushups more than good, because your back is the not good.
  • Pick a spot on the floor, which is flat, you may lay under a blanket or exercise mat, make sure that your hands on the same pad are like the feet, otherwise you could slip away at the pushups.
  • In the beginning it is easier for the muscles when you do pushups narrow, the further arms are apart, the harder it is.

Which muscles do you address with the exercise?

  • There are at the pushups many design options, depending on what muscles you want to work out.
  • The further you take apart the arms, the more you exercise the pectoral muscles, the closer the hands are together, the more the triceps exercises.
  • In all pushups back muscles and abdominal muscles are involved, though only indirectly, but you train your whole upper body and torso. The shoulder muscles are also involved, when you exercise.
  • Who is already advanced, pushups can with legs raised on a chair or even make sitting ball, because that promotes even further the balance and makes the training very much if your own body weight is no longer sufficient. Again, it is so that the width of the arms decides which muscles you are claiming.
  • You can even make a variant rear pushups because that trains the triceps more. Given is based on a chair backwards and squeeze ever upward.
  • If you want, you can incorporate even a "gossip phase", that is, you clap at every up-arrow Go into the hands and then pass back into his pushup, or make another leg Twist addition at the pushups.
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