Puss in Boots - Summary

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Puss in Boots - Summary

Puss in Boots is more than just a pet.

The summary of the Grimm fairy tale "Puss in Boots" you can see from different perspectives. From the perspective of each person acting is another conclusion can be.

"Puss in Boots" - the main actors

  • In the introduction of the tale, find out that the old miller his 3 sons each inherited a portion of his belongings after his death. This gives the elders the mill, the Middle donkey and the youngest the old cat.
  • Of the brothers You no longer know in the course of the tale, but of course, the cat and the youngest miller's son play the leading roles. The cat dominates the human language.
  • Another role of a magician who owns a castle. By cunning the cat losing his possessions, however.
  • As in almost every fairy tale, see also here a king and a princess. The arrogance of the superclass is addressed only marginally at.

Summary of the tale

  • How can you might think, the youngest miller's son is not happy with his heritage. At first he talks about can be sewn from the cat fur warm gloves.
  • The cat, which is not processed into gloves, speaks human language and goes into the miller's son a pair of boots, which he wants. In gratitude, he catches a bag partridges and sells them to the king against gold.
  • Since the gold still does not solely count from the miller's son, Puss in Boots takes a wizard to show off his tricks. Since this is very vain, he can also persuade, to transform itself into a mouse.
  • Puss in Boots eats the mouse and paves the miller's son as the way to the castle. The princess is impressed by the richness of the supposed Count and marries him.

The tale of Puss in Boots is often further embellished in movies or plays. In short summaries of the substance can be found, however, usually the statements about the gratitude and happiness of a supposedly bad legatee.

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