Quantity and quality - a statement

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Quantity and quality - a statement

Quality is not the same quantity.

What the terms mean quality and quantity

  • The term quality is derived from the Latin word "qualitas" means the condition or property.
  • The quality describes the properties or the state of a system or product.
  • The term quantity also comes from the Latin - the word "quantitas" means quantity or size.
  • When the quantity is the amount of one or more particular components of a system.
  • "Quality" may be a neutral term, if only the properties of a system are interesting, but it can also have a judgmental character when it comes to the quality of the system. The term "quantity" is always an absolute value, often in numbers, and therefore can not be judgmental.

Where one speaks of quantity and quality

  • A chemical elemental analysis may be quantitative or qualitative. If only the ingredients of a sample to be determined, the analysis is qualitative. When it comes to quantities of a substance (or multiple substances), there is a quantitative analysis. In this case, the quality has a neutral character.
  • Even wine can be considered qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The alcohol content of the wine is a quantitative indication. The quality of the wine, which can refer to taste, ripening time, grape or other factors, is purely subjective in this case.
  • Another example would be the following: Consider two producers of the same product. Manufacturer A is 500 units of product per month since manufacturers B only: 200. Manufacturer A winner is when it comes to quantity. However, the product of manufacturer B five years holds, while product A is broken after one year. Thus, the higher print quality manufacturer B.
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