Quick start up - so you practice it

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Quick start up - so you practice it

Practice in peace and alone. Chris Beck / Pixelio

So you can practice fast start

Realize what is going on in the car when you are approaching. The engine, which has so far only made idle that it can rotate itself, now must use force to put a heavy car in gear. Sure, he has to expend more force at the right time. If you drive with a manual transmission, you must include practicing on a level road:

  1. Make the radio, because you have to listen to the engine noise. In the beginning this is very important.
  2. Put your left foot on the clutch. Your seat should be adjusted so that you can pass the clutch easily with almost stretched leg. If you can fully depress the clutch only with difficulty completely box joint leg, sit too far away. Correct seating position.
  3. You need feeling in the foot, which operates the clutch, which you can not manage when you use this only with his toes. Put the balls on the pedal. The right foot comes with the heel against the accelerator, if you lower the foot, you blast. So you bounce with his right foot only, if you are to give gas.
  4. As you practice at the beginning on a flat road, you do not need to worry about it, to keep the car with the brake. Concentrate pointing to the interplay of clutch and gas, because you have to bring the engine at the decisive moment at the right speed, so he has the power to drive the wheels and thereby put the car quickly in transition.
  5. Put the car in gear and let the clutch slowly go by lifting the left foot gently and slowly. First, you will notice no difference, the motor will continue without change. You will notice that the engine suddenly something muffled sounds and slowly rotates. You have now reached the grinding point of the clutch. The look also at the tachometer.
  6. Enter some gas by lowering the right foot. The motor restarts with the previous speed. Let the clutch continues slowly release, specifying the same gas. The car begins to move.

Only when you know these processes well, you are also able to start quickly. In principle, you now know everything and need the motions only to practice until this "master in his sleep." Of course, you want to run as an end the process quickly, but you full throttle is useless to go fast, it's about right and dose the throttle.

Special features during startup

In everyday life, you will often need to start easily on sloping roads than on flat roads. So you need to protect the car in addition to the brake, so that it can not roll away.

  • If the car would already rolling in the direction of travel, unless you hold it with the brake, you should simply put the right foot on the brake pedal, depress the clutch pedal and engage the gear. Now you just have to make the previously practiced at the level movements. This is even easier than on a flat road.
  • Roll the unchecked car but in the opposite direction than the direction in which you want to navigate more quickly, you need to simultaneously release the brake and hit. For beginners, it is certainly easier to use the handbrake, because one has no 3 feet.
  • Drive past as described while holding down pulled the handbrake and pressed the lock button. You notice how the car jerks slightly, because the engine will pull it forward, but it can not, because you stop him with the hand brake on it. This point you notice most when it look in the mirrors. Run the handbrake to the rest position and release it and the lock button while you blast and release the clutch slowly.
  • Warning: Let the handbrake los not easy when the engine begins to transmit the power to the road. This then locks in retracted position and with a fast start-up, it's over.

The secret of rapid startup is to carry out the steps calmly and wisely. Hustle and speed only lead to the fact that the engine stops, and then it's over with the quick start-up. If the steps executed correctly, go as fast, without the engine aufheult or the car leaps. It's all about quick and fast start, not to win any "traffic light races".

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