Rabbit baby - care and maintenance

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Rabbit baby - care and maintenance

A throwing rabbit babies must be well looked after.

Before the birth of the baby rabbit

  1. If you're thinking to breed your rabbit, you should contact your rabbit farmers around. Many domestic rabbits are not suitable for breeding and experiments could lead to congenital diseases and misalignments.
  2. Rabbits are fully grown after a short time and then live 10 years. If you can not keep all the rabbit baby, you need to start even before birth of baby rabbits to seek good care places.
  3. Lay detect the pregnancy of a rabbit often only shortly before birth. The female rabbits then builds a nest, eating more and moving less.
  4. Ask the rabbit now a large litter box of 40 x 40 cm size. The litter box should have a removable cover, so you do not destroy the nest to control.
  5. Fill the box with straw and hay. Shortly before birth, the rabbit cushions from the nest with ausgerupftem peritoneum.

The birth of the baby rabbit

  1. The birth itself is most easily. You should disturb your rabbit doing in any case. Immediately after birth, the mother cleans the rabbit babies.
  2. A few hours after birth, you should first check the litter box. It may be that you must remove stillbirths. Even heavily soiled bedding should be eliminated.
  3. The rabbit babies have little fur and eyes closed. They depend on the heat of the nest and may not be removed. They are suckled for only a few times per day. Between leaving the rabbit mother's litter box, which then closes with litter.
  4. Young rabbits mothers do not take their rabbit babies to sometimes. If you see in the morning in the litter box, the boys need to be cleaned and have rounded belly. Feel cold and sunken, you must include with your veterinarian contact and information about the hand-rearing of rabbits babies.

Care and Feeding of the rabbit baby

  1. After about 10 days, the rabbits babies have fur and open eyes. In the first time the rabbit mother takes complete care of the boy. Just make sure that the mother rabbit gets quality and nutritious food.
  2. Daily needs are served fresh hay, forage, fruit and vegetables and a little dry food. Vitamin and mineral preparations from the Zoohandel help the rabbit mother to remain strong.
  3. With four weeks, the rabbits babies leave the nest and explore their surroundings. You'll also begin to nibble at the feeding of the mother. Do not be surprised if the rabbit babies also eat feces of the mother, this is even healthy for them.
  4. Water-filled ceramic bowls can be dangerous for babies Rabbit. Use only small, shallow dish or a drinking vessel.
  5. Ideally, your rabbit family should have a large enclosure available. The attitude in a commercial rabbit hutch can adversely affect the health and development of the rabbit baby.
  6. Week 6 Rabbit babies are self-employed. They feed like their adult counterparts of hay, juice feed and fodder.
  7. Wait another 2 to 4 weeks before taking your rabbit babies. Only then will their social behavior has completely formed and the boys are more resistant to stress.
  8. From the age of 8 weeks you can even your children, depending on age under your supervision, let them play with the rabbit babies. Younger rabbits babies are extremely sensitive.
  9. Rabbit babies are sexually mature at about 3 months. You should therefore disconnect your little later than the age of 10 weeks by sex.
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