Racquets - Calculate grip strength

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Racquets - Calculate grip strength

Select the correct grip size of your tennis racket.

The best advice there is in the shop

  • To an anticipate Walk definitely to a store to determine the correct grip size of your tennis racket. The grip strength incidentally means nothing other than the handle of the racquet. If you really want to play good tennis, you need a racket that is you well in your hand.
  • There are endless things you should consider when buying. Since such a racket is not necessarily very cheap, it is recommended that if you take a lot of time for the right choice.
  • Since you probably play in a tennis club, or at least have a partner to play with, you will surely get from many well-intentioned advice with respect to the grip strength. But you can still advise from professionals. But what you can do in advance is to borrow one or two bats in the team, to get ever a sense of the proper strength.

So you can determine the strength of the grip tennis racket

  • The most important thing is ahead, that there may be confusion in terms of strength. This has the background that in Europe the values ​​are 0 to 5 used in America and 4 inches to 4 5/8.
  • If you now expect in the European dimensions, it is such that 0 the lowest and 5 is the greatest grip strength. In principle, you can see it like that for a rather small woman's hand, the size 0 would be the right and for the rather large man's hand size 5. But this is very general and certainly not exactly expected.
  • Anders could the sizes also record so that 100 to 102 mm, the size 0, 103 to 105 mm, the size of 1, 106 to 108 mm size 2, 109 to 111 mm size 3, 112 to 114 mm, the size 4 and 115 to 117 mm, the size 5 designates.
  • You should also note that you would prefer to select too small a grip strength, if you are unsure about the size. For most players use either way overgrips. This is a band which is wound around the racquet handle. These serve to better shock or vibration damping, also it is designed to prevent cramping in the forearm.
  • Even if you now have the knowledge of how you have to determine the grip strengths, you should, as already mentioned, consult a specialist shop. You are guaranteed to get the right tennis racket and can start playing.
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