raise rabbit babies - so you do it

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raise rabbit babies - so you do it

Cuddling with rabbits babies caused misstrike.

Hares babies found - what to do?

  • Hares babies are not reared as wild rabbits in an underground construction, but are in a Erdmulde, called Sasse. The mother comes only once or twice a day by to suckle their young.
  • Basically young wildlife can touch you never, because otherwise there is a risk that the mother will no longer accept. However, most wild animals now live very close to the people and are used to the smell. The mother instinct is usually stronger than the fear of human odor.
  • If you find rabbit baby sitting somewhere cowering or your dog which ferrets out without them something to do, then leave quickly the place.
  • Has your cat brought young rabbit instead of a mouse, this most need help. Often they have internal injuries, at least they are in shock. Moreover, no longer comprehensible in this case, where the rabbits have been lying.
  • Hares falls under the Hunting Act. This means that you simply take and raise rabbits may not babies, but must notify the hunting officer.

raise pups properly

  • Enter rabbit babies - if possible - always in expert hands. To raise young wildlife, you need a lot of time, a lot of space and has the chance to accustom them in a large enclosure reintroduction to nature. This may Wildlife sanctuaries best.
  • Hares should never be mounted separately, otherwise there will be a Fehlprägung and they can no longer be reintroduced. They may have no contact with other animals, so they are afraid of them even later. The enclosure should be in a quiet place. Preferably a space is suitable, no one else enters. Except for feeding you should have no contact with the hare.
  • The rearing of rabbits baby is very difficult. They often suffer from coccidia, quickly get Blähbäuche and dying fast. A veterinary treatment is often unsuccessful because rabbits do not tolerate a lot of medicine.
  • The best is suitable for growing the Royal Canin 1st age or Gimpet Catmilk milk powder. This will take 1: 3 as stated on the packaging for rabbits babies 1: 2 with water. For feeding small disposable syringes are fitted with special, soft rubber articles, which are available at the food trade for cat breeding, suitable.
  • At first the hare babies are hardly drink. They are afraid to be in shock and know only the maternal teat. Stay calm and try, at least to feed a few drops every few hours. After no more than two or three days the boys suck then already own. Then it is enough if you feed about four times a day. Initially they drink only 3-5 ml, then there will always be more.
  • Pay attention to the bellies of your rabbit babies. They should never be thick and hard. Bloating are lethal to rabbits babies. If you are unsure whether the bellies might be a little hard, you give Sab Simplex drops from the pharmacy. It is a non-prescription remedy for flatulence in children and is well tolerated. Massage the bellies and Analgegenden, pay attention to a lot of movement and feed you prefer several smaller portions.
  • Hasen Babies eat quickly on their own. Offer them therefore soon hay and especially green stuff from outside to. Rabbit food, vegetables and other do not need them. It is best to all sod and dandelion plants in the enclosure. This wilt not so fast.

If the bunnies eat well alone, are healthy, weigh at least 600 g and they have used in a large enclosure in freedom, you can leave again. If this is not possible at the site, you are looking for a quiet place with fields, meadows and hedgerows, far away from the road.

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