raise young blackbird - you should note

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raise young blackbird - you should note

In greedy gaping beaks you need to change when you drag a young blackbird

raise A young blackbird is a full time job. The parent birds are almost around the clock busy to procure food for their children. Imagine so on exhausting days and weeks until you can dismiss your young blackbird in freedom, and ask family and neighbors for help. Unfortunately, many young birds do not survive the breeding by humans. With the right knowledge you can but the opportunity to significantly increase that you successfully raise their young blackbird.

raise A blackbird - a few pointers

  • If you find a young bird, so be aware of: Most preferably, the parent birds may rear the young blackbird. If you find an even more naked Young, it's probably fallen from the nest. Check carefully if it is violated. If not, look in neighboring shrubs and trees to the nest and put the young blackbird back inside. The parent birds will pick it up again and feed.
  • A feathered young blackbird sitting alone on the floor or in a bush, is often just about to fledge. She has already left the nest, but is still fed by their parents. Watch them one to two hours if the parents continue to care about them. Only if the parents do not show up, you are required to raise the young blackbird.
  • Only if you are sure that the parent birds no longer raise the young blackbird, hop with the bird. Is he strongly cooled, you should warm him first carefully by holding it in your hand and breathe. Prepare him a warm nest, for example, with old socks, and hold it with a heat lamp or a hot water bottle to body temperature.
  • Blackbirds eat in nature prefer insects and fruits. If you put a young blackbird, so go with the fly swatter on the hunt! In the city you can buy in pet shops and crickets that you can give your young blackbird. Even earthworms she likes. You can supplement the feeding by Beoperlen from the pet store, and chopped apples, grapes or strawberries. Attention, live maggots are not suitable! Also, remember to offer the blackbird with a syringe water.
  • When feeding, it is important to push the food with tweezers as deep in the throat - so make it the parent birds when they raise a young blackbird. A bird whose eyes are already open, is the daytime fed about once an hour.
  • Contact the nearest animal shelter and ask for advice before you bring up the young blackbird itself! For the bird, it is definitely better when you give him in the care of experienced experts. Because so beautiful it is to raise a young blackbird itself: your chances of survival are much greater in a real sanctuary.
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