Ranks of the Bundeswehr - so you recognize them on the basis of uniform

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Ranks of the Bundeswehr - so you recognize them on the basis of uniform

Become a professional soldier in the army. I-and-You / Pixelio

The lower ranks of the army hierarchy

To recognize the individual ranks using the epaulettes on a uniform, you should read the following instructions carefully:

  • The ranks in the armed forces begin the normal soldiers. As a simple soldier, start your career in the army, you have on your epaulette no mark. Then, you are mostly after basic training to corporal. I mean, you get a bar that is attached to the inside of your epaulettes obliquely.
  • The next step to move up in the ranks of the Bundeswehr, ie corporal. For Obergefreiten you are transported, if you have been guilty in the first year of your military service done nothing. The corporal then has two beams diagonally side by side on the two shoulder straps.
  • The most that you could reach at ranks at normal military service, was Corporal, this can be seen at the three nebeneinaderstehenden slanting beams on the epaulettes. These are the ranks that you could achieve during a service period of 15 months.
  • At lower ranks in the army, you also have the Corporal and the upper Corporal, each then again be seen with a bar more. I mean, Corporal with four bars and upper Corporal with five bars.

Higher Military Ranks so you can recognize

  • To the higher ranks need to achieve in the army and had to be time soldier. So you need to sign a contract with the army and become a professional soldier. The first stage in the career of professional soldiers is the rank of sergeant. To acknowledge a U on the epaulettes. Then comes the corporal, this rank, you acknowledge the closed U on the epaulettes.
  • Now the sergeant and the sergeant come - identifiable by a or two arrowheads inside the closed U on the epaulettes. The next ranks in the army are the Sergeant, First Sergeant and Sergeant Major - to acknowledge the fishy figure on the epaulettes.
  • The Sergeant has placed to the fish nor a tip and the Oberstabsfeldwebel two peaks under the fish. Next come the officer ranks, which can be identified by the upended squares. The more squares - or popularly known also pimples - the higher ranks in the army. The highest award was probably a general four pimples and oak leaves.

The rank is also determined in the army, who wen first to greet.

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