Rash on the back - so you relieve the itching

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Rash on the back - so you relieve the itching

A cool shower quickly relieves.

In the back prevent rash itching

It is best, they prevent in advance that the itch arises.

  • Wear Make sure that there is no heat on the back dammed as these can very easily trigger itching. not sure you dress warm. Best onion technique is appropriate, when you wear several layers of clothing less warming superimposed. So you can quickly take off a piece before you sweat.
  • Basically, the most suitable clothing made from natural materials. Try to see if the rash is improving if you only wear materials 100% cotton next to the skin.
  • In summer, loose fitting clothing when prone to itchy skin are usually more comfortable than tight. Fabrics of flax or hemp have an additional light cooling.
  • Detergent residue in the clothing can worsen a rash on sensitive skin. Jump Try the detergent and make sure not to dispense too high. Many washing machines, it is also possible to select an extra rinse cycle, so that the detergent is better removed.

relieve acute itching course

A rash of unknown cause, you should show a dermatologist. Even if you suffer greatly from the itching, dermatologist may prescribe effective medication. But naturally you can do something against the itching.

  • When the back itches acute, you can take a cool shower to find relief.
  • A bathroom with oat straw, hay flowers or lavender soothes.
  • Cold relieves mostly well the itching. A Quark Edition additionally acts anti-inflammatory.
  • Many people have creams with urea (Urea) a very positive effect in rashes. Witch hazel (Hamamelis) is another ingredient that can help.
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