Read SMS online - how it works

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Read SMS online - how it works

Under certain conditions, you can read SMS online.

Send SMS via the Internet

  • To meet the wishes and the time corresponding requirements, are now offering many internet portals called free SMS services.
  • Here you can book online for free send an SMS, which will be financed either by advertising or requires a certain activity in the respective portal.
  • In most cases, you need to set up at least at the beginning of a user's account.
  • Read this exact Conditions, so that you overlooked or ignored is not any hidden costs.
  • Unfortunately, it is possible in rare cases, even to read SMS online.

read short messages online

  • Sending SMS and MMS works by means of SMS services. These receive the messages and send it on to the mobile phone with of respective number.
  • If the SMS once arrived on your phone, it is just there available for you.
  • So to receive an SMS online would mean that you would have to have a software that can connect to your phone and automatically retrieve the SMS from there. Such software is however currently not established.
  • However, you can also use SMS services online, such as offers SMS sending with response function. You get your answer-SMS offered in your online mailbox for reading.
  • This works but only after prior registration, thus creating a free user account.
  • Also not the number of your phone uses because, as I said, the SMS would be sent to you otherwise to your phone.
  • So if you want to use your regular phone number while sending and reading a text can dispense online and want, this is quite possible on the Internet.
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