received tickets wrongly - what to do?

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received tickets wrongly - what to do?

Not every ticket is correct.

You have the ticket wrongly?

The colloquial term parking tickets or "nodules" can have different meanings.

  • The ticket can be a list with regard to a breach. The offense is reported to the clerk's office, which then creates a written notice which must be sent to you in a certain period, otherwise the facts are time-barred.
  • The ticket is a toll caution z. B. for parking tickets. This minor offenses are punishable. The warning, from 5 to 35 euros is demanded equal with enclosed remittance slip.

In the nodules followed by a communication with reply form

If you think that the criticism is unjustified, proceed as follows:

  • Already in locating of the ticket you should back up any evidence in which you make photographic evidence and hold the name and address of witnesses. Write down the date and time, and keep the testimony, if possible in writing, firmly. Let the testimonies signed confirm.
  • Insert immediately contrary, if you get the reply form. Most need only a particular field to be marked on the reply form and justify why the accusation is not true in your opinion.
  • Include, if possible, evidence of your innocence in so photographs, written testimonies and name / address of the witness.
  • Important! Do not let pass the deadline for submission of the reply form.

Are you unjustly been the mills of the law, you have every opportunity to defend himself. Do not accept the authority of your objections, you can still consult a lawyer, because then the court will have to decide. If you visit at every ticket equal to an attorney, your legal expenses insurance could cancel your contract with you.

You must always be aware when a speeding ticket

  • With the full and timely payment of caution money the warning is effective and complete the process.
  • It can not be subsequently verified by the authority or the court a legal standpoint. Therefore, appeal, pay nothing!
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