Recipes for baby food - so you can cook a carrot purée

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Recipes for baby food - so you can cook a carrot purée

Baby food recipes for carrot mash Helene Souza / Pixelio

You can cook the carrot purée as baby food very good for stock and store in small twist-off jars. Both cited recipes suitable for stockpiling.

Two recipes for carrot purée - with oil and parsley

  • For the first baby food recipe for carrot purée you need only carrots and rapeseed oil. Peel the carrots and cut the carrots then cut into small pieces. Enter 1000 grams carrots in a steamer and cook the carrots. Puree the carrots then with 4 teaspoons canola oil.
  • The next of recipes for baby food is suitable from the 8th week as baby food. Peel the carrot mash with parsley carrots and potatoes and cut the vegetables small. Cook the carrots and potatoes in the steamer. Put some water in a small pot and keep the parsley for 2 seconds in the boiling water. Take the leaves from the stems and cut the parsley so fine it goes. Then enter the carrots, the potatoes, the oil and the parsley in a jar and puree the vegetables into mush.

Baby food - even cooked porridge of carrots, potatoes, zucchini

The next recipes are suitable for baby food after the 12th week. The potato-carrot mash cook exactly as described under the recipe for carrot mash with parsley.

  1. For the baby food carrots, potatoes and zucchini also Peel all vegetables and cut then into small pieces.
  2. Then the vegetables are cooked in the steamer and immersed the chervil only in boiling water and then finely chopped.
  3. Finally, puree the vegetables, the two oils and chervil finely.

To preserve baby food

  1. Sterilize small twist-off caps. The glasses are in the trade or over the Internet to buy. You can also use small jars of jam, mustard jars, or the like.
  2. Fill the carrot purée quite hot in the glasses.
  3. Seal the jars immediately.
  4. Ask. Glasses in the drip pan of your oven and give plenty of water in the drip pan
  5. Let the jars of baby food as long in the oven until the contents bubbled.
  6. Let completely cool the jars in the oven.

So canned baby food is faithful as long as the bought ready made baby food carrot purée.

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