recognize arrogance - so it'll work in men

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recognize arrogance - so it'll work in men

Verschänkte arms can mean arrogance.

Depending on the man you have the right to arrogance will express themselves in a different way; in which a more in clothes, in which other more in habit and in the next turn in his language.

First indications for judging of male arrogance

  • Be careful how is a man in dealing with others. Arrogance at home behind closed doors becomes meaningless and even ridiculous. A arrogant man can be seen very often because he keeps his distance. It stresses therefore the difference between himself and others that move to lower levels. This distance can be varied outer: with arrogance, no laughter or smile (closed face), by spatial distance, which he considers his Gesprächspartnerm to talk through the way (that is, for example, not to respond to the other or foreign words to use) or by the view which is directed into the far distance (lifted acts).
  • Pay attention to the exterior. How is the man dressed? If he raises from the others in its surroundings and thus creates a distance? Is he correct dressed, well-kept and wrapped in brand clothes (expensive)? And he conveys through his clothes, that he wants to emphasize that it is something better? Then can often include quite sure on arrogance.
  • Pay attention to your posture. If you know the man does not face head-on, but it shows you (half) the (cold) Schuler, he is available so away against? he Verschänkt arms in defensive attitude when he talks to you? Did he bulged the breast? Did he also on a muscle shirt or T-shirt that can be baring his muscular arms, then can often be understood as showing off and also contributes to the effect of arrogance in.

Other identifying features for arrogance in men

  • Also pay attention to the voice. In the voice betrays an astonishing amount. Few guessed how treacherous is the voice. Klingst them cool, "thin", restrained, dry, then you can often close to arrogance, both in men and in women. Also taciturnity may be a sign of arrogance, but in men less than women because men are naturally reticent than women alone, because it is often friendly and they are communicative (that may no less than biolgische reasons have) more talk.
  • You often betrays an instinctive feeling, whether you have an arrogant man in front of him or not; but check through the above points you can confirm in your assessment and even safer.
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