Record the screen - so succeed screenshots in Windows

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Record the screen - so succeed screenshots in Windows

Screenshots are easy to make.

Create a screenshot of the screen

  • There are many reasons why you want to record a screen and its display: You want to send an advance notice of its own website, hold an exemplary design for comparison or for another reason. With a screen shot this is not a problem. Everything that is needed for it, are of the Windows PC screen, an integrated keyboard and a simple image editing program.
  • First, select the display on the screen from which you want to record: Should it a picture of the entire screen are or should be included only a specific window? Should be included only the window, you must enable this for your screenshot. This means that this window must be open in the foreground. Now looking at the keyboard, the button labeled "Print" or "Print Screen". She is usually in addition to the "F" keys in the top row, but sometimes also in the area of ​​the numeric keypad.

Capture windows or entire display

  • To record the total screen, you only use the button "print" / "Print Screen". After pressing the button, the computer has the desired display to the clipboard. Should only take up the display of a window your picture, you need to enable this and for recording until the "alt" key press before you press the "Print" / "Print Screen". The Clipboard now contains a picture of the active window. After recording the image to the clipboard, open your image editing program with a new image.
  • Select the image file is relatively large, to enter copy the entire screen can. Now use the keyboard with the key combination "CTRL" ( "Control"; left to find the bottom of the keyboard, with English keyboards "CTRL" for "Control") and the letter "V". This image from the clipboard is pasted into the image file. Alternatively, go to the Edit menu and insert the latch here over to the new file via the image editor program, select "Paste". The final image must now be stored and is thus available for further processing or shipment.
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