Red Dead Redemption - Würfelpoker works so

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Red Dead Redemption - Würfelpoker works so

Get the pot when Würfelpoker!

To play "Red Dead Redemption" Würfelpoker

One of the side activities "Rockstar Games' open-world game Red Dead Redemption is Würfelpoker. With skill and a little luck, you can multiply your bets here neat - or ruin.

  • The dice poker tables can be found in the saloons of the town "Escalera", "Thieves' Landing" and "Casa Madrugeda". maximum of six - - To start a dice poker game, at least two players have to be at the craps table.
  • The dice poker game begins by choosing either the "Ante", the use of $ 20 fixed pay - or fold. Aim of the game is now, all players wangle their five poker dice. Can you do it, you will get each player the Ante worth of $ 20 - your own use of course. If a player you own Pokerwürfel from, you are your bet going.
  • The gameplay is a bit strange: Each player rolls a dice cup, which contains all his dice. After throwing covert now offer all players on the number rolled, for example 1xSechs, 4xDrei or 5xEins. You can also declare that you hold the announcement of a goal for a "bluff" or that you suspect that a player has to specify the points value accurately. In this case, say for the last bid "Precise" to.
  • Who the gameplay now still can not imagine really is, should take a look on YouTube once a round of dice poker game "Red Dead Redemption". In this way you understand the basic principle very quickly.
  • If you want to get in the game in the first own rounds Würfelpoker, looking at best only times dice poker tables, which are occupied by only one or a maximum of two players. Although players with increasing speed increases the potential winnings, but also the difficulty of the game.
  • Who feels really fit in Würfelpoker, may later also venture to a full table. Can you make it, all players take the dice, you get not only the entire "pot", but can look forward additionally a "Bronze trophy" on the Playstation or Xbox, if you have not lost a dice in the Game.

Good luck Würfelpoker in "Red Dead Redemption"!

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