Redeem Facebook Credits - Here's how

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Redeem Facebook Credits - Here's how

Use credits to pay for purchases in Facebook

To use the credits in Facebook as a means of payment, which you must buy to then redeem once. Model by following the steps.

Shop at Facebook

  1. The first step in order to buy a credit in Facebook, is directly in the application. There you will find the available objects for which you can redeem credit. If you go on one of the fee-based objects, the purchase process begins. They recognize the fee-based objects on the icon for Facebook Credits, which is usually below the objects. Alternatively, you can go to "Account Settings", then click on "Payments" and buy credits to redeem under "Account".
  2. Next, select the candidate for you payment option for to be redeemed, and then follow the remaining steps to a successful payment in Facebook.
  3. The credits are then credited to your account. To find out if the credit your account has been credited or how many credits are still on your Facebook account, you can find out by clicking again "Account Settings" and then in use to "payments". There you will find an overview of your purchases that you have made with credit. Alternatively, you can see in Facebook on the right side or at the gift shop on the left side of the balance in your game console.

Pay for your purchases by credit

  1. To redeem a credit click on the desired item you want to purchase.
  2. You will be asked how you wish to pay your purchase. Select the payment option "Facebook Credits" or "Facebook credit". Then follow the instructions until the transaction is complete.
  3. Your article or gift is now unlocked or shipped.

Trouble redeeming of credits in Facebook

If problems arise when shopping with credit, this may be caused by:

  • You do not have enough credit on your Facebook account. In this case the problem can be characterized fix by buying new credits and then continue shopping.
  • The application does not support purchases made with Facebook Credits. Before you want to shop with to be redeemed in Facebook, make sure that the application in which you want to shop, shopping supports with credits. This learn easily in the "Help Center". There, see "Facebook applications and functions" the "Facebook Credits" option. Click on it and select "Facebook Credits for games use". There you will find a list of applications and games that support the purchase with Facebook Credits.
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