reduce heart rate - so manages a cooldown after the exercise session

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reduce heart rate - so manages a cooldown after the exercise session

make After training cooldown.

As you lower your pulse rate after exercise, always also depends on the finished practice. So there is no point to make after a strenuous yoga workout a final cooldown with a slight leakage, as this pulse rate is not lowered, but remains the same or even increased. Here shall be a example for a marathon training. Another cooldown

reduce the pulse rate Even before the training

A resting heart rate is within the normal range, if it does not exceed 50 to 80 beats per minute.

  • Exercise regularly even light sport, you can after about six months as 10 to 15 beats "save" in the minute. Each athlete who plays sport regularly, has a lower pulse rate, often below 60 beats per minute.
  • Under load, ie during exercise, the pulse rate increases. In an untrained athlete this often exceeds the still healthy level, here it is, take care. With a trained athlete, the body already moved almost automatically to the correct level for him.
  • But even a trained athlete should make a final cooldown.
  • In any case, with a toned body more easily the pulse rate lower.
  • A Scottish study at Aberdeen University says also that, breathable clothing, the heart rate reduced by up to eight beats per minute, because heat can not jam under the clothes, the unfavorable effect on the circulation. So pay attention when training on breathable clothing.
  • Stress can increase blood pressure and pulse rate can be the short-term rise rapidly, so about 30 to 40 beats per minute. So offend some quite formidable, remove the be formed, then excess adrenaline to by some movement in energy. Walk therefore once, for example around the block.

According to the Professional Association of German Internists (BDI), you can stay cold, carbonated mineral water a suddenly rising heart rate with the rapid drinking of a glass. However, if you ever have an increased heart rate or palpitations, you need to see a doctor.

Pulse lower after Yoga

After a yoga workout, for example, you can have a quiet cooldown with music and light breathing training.

  1. Given lie flat and stretched out on his back and completely relax.
  2. Then begin with deep breathing into the belly.
  3. Hold for about 10 minutes, the air in the abdomen and breathe then off again.
  4. Repeat five times.

Then switch the breathing technique, for example, with prolonged exhalation than inhalation.

reduce heart rate after intense exercise

After a motion intense workout, for example, jogging, another type of cooling is necessary.

  1. Walk slowly 10 minutes aus.Während the expiry calmed your heart rate and lowering successfully.
  2. In these 10 minutes in which you run out, you should inhale deeply and exhale even deeper again.
  3. Count inhalation slowly until three and while exhaling slowly to five.
  4. During your run-down phase, you can install a few relaxing step combinations. Run example laterally, once left, once right, or bending down while running and stripes with hands the ground.
  5. Once you have reached the end of your route, you can still incorporate the conclusion some light stretching exercises for your tendons.
  6. At the latest after one minute in which you do nothing, your heart rate should again be within normal limits.

If your heart rate is permanently high and can not be lowered, something is wrong. A medical examination would help to clarify the symptoms.

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