reduce overtime - which should note the

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reduce overtime - which should note the

More work regularly in leisure compensate Erich Kasten / Pixelio

In law, see no regulation on how to proceed with overtime. Only the Working Time Act provides that you maximum of 8 hours and allowed to work under certain conditions, 10 hours in working days in exceptional cases.

Overtime is regulated mostly in the employment contract

  • Decisive is your employment contract in the first place. Study this, whether it contains a provision under which conditions you have to work overtime, and if and how you are paid for it.
  • Find anything, check to see if you can find a control in a force for your company collective agreement or a works agreement.
  • As a rule, it will be now so that you are not paid for overtime specifically. They will then break down overtime and it must take time.
  • Only when you make on public holidays, Sundays or night overtime incurred surcharges that must you also pay your employer. He can not you point out that you have to reduce in Leisure surcharges also.

Dismantling by compensatory time off with no expiration period

  • If you then degrade overtime, so take time off, you do not need to put them under pressure and leave the control point during vacation. Relaxing holiday you need namely compete in a calendar year on a regular basis and may postpone it possibly until March 31 of the following year. The Relaxing is earmarked and provided for your relaxation.
  • Overtime, which are offset in leisure, however, are not earmarked. So there is no time limit, which would determine that you would have to reduce your overtime in a specific or predetermined period. At most, a collective agreement can include a provision in this regard, but also could not determine that your overtime expire sometime.
  • Ultimately it is up to your employer to set up the operational process so that you can realize the time off. Can he not, he can not accuse you, you would not degrade your overtime.

Regular removal avoids conflicts

  • but you should be careful not to let accumulate too much overtime and these break down regularly. Eventually, you have done so much more work that you have problems, reduce this without upsetting the operation. A regular degradation likely as seen also in the interest of your employer.
  • Especially if you terminate your employment, you should timely take time off. While you can claim under circumstances that your employer pays the overtime, if you can not take time off due to your cancellation. but then you also carry an element of risk that you can actually go communicate consistently with your employer.
  • Part there are flexible working time models, which give rise to no overtime in the strict sense, even during long days working hours as time off is granted on other days automatically.
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