reflect bulb Lavalampe despite ban on incandescent lamps - Here's legally

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reflect bulb Lavalampe despite ban on incandescent lamps - Here's legally

The lamps are bubbling in the future.

reflect light bulbs after 2012

  • The ban goes against the conventional light bulbs, which are used for room lighting. It refers to the EU not to special bulbs as you are installed, for example, refrigerators, microwaves, sewing machines and ovens. Also special shatterproof bulbs are allowed to remain. The lamps with Lavaeffekten usually require small 25- to 40-watt bulbs with an E14 thread. So the pears referred to generally fit into the lamps and can also move the lava.
  • But it will be more difficult to find the bulbs in stores. In the lamp departments of department stores and hardware stores, you will hardly find any. Try it with the spare parts for these appliances. You also need to anticipate that the bulbs are more expensive.
  • The relatively weak light bulbs for lava lamps may be marketed, there is only one manufacturing and marketing ban. But what is already on the market, can still proceeds legally. It is worth probably if you stock up on replacement lamps.

Contemporary alternative for old lava lamps

Currently, there are two alternatives to traditional lava lamps, one of which is optically not old by the lamps has to be decided from the 70s.

  • There are different models that show a Lavaeffekt and be heated instead of a light bulb over a conventional candle. The lamps are very nice, but can not create the shadow play on the walls, which so fascinated with the original lamps.
  • The other alternative is a model with LED lighting and a small hot plate. The light comes on LED, the heat on the heating. These lamps are the old models visually very similar, but technically superior. The heating is regulated, that is, the bubbling of the lava can be varied. In addition, the very long-life LED lighting offers several color effects.

The friends of lava lamps can therefore be reassured in every way, the bulbs for old lamps for a long time are based and the new generation of filament comes without light bulbs.

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