Refrigerator: Level 1-7 - so take advantage of the values

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Refrigerator: Level 1-7 - so take advantage of the values

work more effectively with the fridge

Understanding the fridge

  • An apparatus for cooling foodstuffs can be set individually. not to be used this feature alone to obtain the favorite milk temperature, but also allow you to customize for different quantities.
  • If a refrigerator particularly busy, so there are many products that need to be cooled. These come mostly heated in the container, which provides for a larger family and frequent opening and closing of a high energy consumption.

make a good choice intermediate 1-7

  • To achieve good cooling, turn at a high load the fridge to the highest level. That would be comparable to a motor, the number with the highest value; in this case the seventh
  • It is in the stages 1-7 the other way around also. Are you perhaps for several weeks on holiday and have it dispelled the container up to a few products? Then go to step 1 and save so that on the one hand power while you can relieve the technology on the other.
  • It does not only give Extreme, so you do not have permanent switch between stage 1-7. It is important to recognize that the intermediate values ​​play a major role is.
  • Take these effectively with a thermometer, which is mounted inside. Test through the alphabet and see when each effect is obtained.
  • In the future, you can simply always look back in the refrigerator and thus determine whether the currently set level is sufficient. You can then consciously maintain optimum milk temperature and enjoy your butter cooled.
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