Refrigerator painting - how it works

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Refrigerator painting - how it works

Painting your fridge.

To prepare the refrigerator

You paint a normal mini fridge with spray cans.

  1. As with all work where it comes to painting, you must first search for a space where you can paint your fridge. The room should have windows, thus ensuring a good supply of fresh air.
  2. You need protective clothing such. As a protective mask pulled over his mouth and nose and should thus prevent the inhalation of paint particles. Since you also need to grind, and safety goggles should be worn. Small metal splinters are hurled when grinding at high speed through the air.
  3. Once you have the proper space found, you should store your fridge so that you can grind him from all sides and paint. A bench would be a good place to work. However, before you start, you should cover the area with tarpaulins and protect.
  4. Then you have to grind your fridge. You should work very carefully with fine sandpaper and an orbital sander. Do not give too much pressure on the sander, there finally are supposed no dents come in your fridge.
  5. To grind all sides until all metallic shine. That you do not edit the back and underside, looks set to be self-evident. As you paint two different colors, the doors must be taped first. The doors should be covered with tarpaulins or newsprint and tape.

The painting of the cold box

  1. Now that all preparatory work for the painting of the refrigerator were done, you should before painting again search the fridge for small dings. If the good pieces have dents, you can use them with putty, as it is also used in car repairs.
  2. Spatulas all Beilen and then forward the relevant services again at. Subsequently, the painting of the refrigerator can begin finally.
  3. First, a layer primer on the sides and the side of the head with spray from the can is applied. Then, when the primer is properly dry, all primed points is roughened with fine sandpaper around again. Then spray the first layer color paint on your fridge.
  4. If after 20 minutes the first layer is dry, spray on the second layer. Then you must leave the whole refrigerator once stand at least one hour before you now cover the freshly painted sides with foil and stick with tape.
  5. Just as you proceed to the side parts, you now go to the two superimposed doors placed before: Only one layer primer then two layers of colored paint. After then the refrigerator is again properly dried and freed from the plan, you have managed the project to paint the refrigerator has taken a good end.

Try to kick up a minimum of dust particles, when you paint your fridge.

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