Register Travel Industry - how it's done

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Register Travel Industry - how it's done

An itinerant trade is usually applied quickly.

In Germany, much is regulated and any trader subject to the provisions of the Commercial Code. These include the rules on itinerant trade.

Conditions of travel industry

  • Unlike a stationary commercial you run a travel business, if you are offering without its own permanent establishment or outside of your commercial establishment goods or buy, offer a service or working as a showman. See § 55 Abs. 1 GewO (Industrial Code).
  • Your travel industry you need to sign with the competent Commercial Affairs Administrator of the municipality in which you reside, and you must apply for a so-called. Itinerant trade there.
  • The exhibition of itinerant trade is usually associated with significant management fees. In the city of Bonn you pay as a self-employed 310 euros, as a showman even 500 Euro (as of 2011). The fee must also be paid with the application bar.
  • The necessary for the application application form you can download most online and fill some of them already on the computer.

When logging required documents

  • When logging in a itinerant trade or applying for a itinerant trade you must provide further documents in addition to the application form. These include identity card and passport photos.
  • At your place of residence competent Bürgeramt you must apply for a certificate for authorities in the application must specify the purpose of "itinerant trade".
  • In addition, you must apply for an extract from the Central Trade Register. Also this management charge.
  • If you want to sell open food, you also need a certificate from the Health Department.
  • For some activities you need gem. § 55a GewO no itinerant trade. For example then not, if you only occasionally offer at trade shows or public festivals "with the permission of the competent authority" and sell goods.
  • If you want to sell as a private person at the flea market your old stuff, you need of course any itinerant trade.

For the exercise of itinerant activities you need itinerant trade generally. The management fees which are levied for the issue, vary by municipality.

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