Registrar - the training succeeds so

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Registrar - the training succeeds so

No civil marriage without registrars.

Through the Personal Status Law of 2009, the respective states have get transferred all regulatory powers. State governments exercise this right different use. Does this affect the training and appointment of registrars.

Registrar - diverse and legally demanding job

In Baden-W├╝rttemberg there are the full-registrar, the prevention representatives and the marriage registrar three categories of registrars.

  • As a potential registrar is required of you is not only an administrative or legal training. The order conditions belongs, whether official or employee, a personal fitness.
  • As a full-registrar you need at least the qualification for the central management service or successful training as administrative officer (Specialisation state and local administration).
  • If you want to be active as a marriage registrar, it must be active in the community as mayor, councilor or mayor often. However, some exceptions are possible. In any case, you must be a staff member of the municipality.
  • As registrar you make your activity an important contribution to appearance of local government and the community as a whole. They are also indispensable partner of many other bodies of public administration from the registration office, about the immigration authorities to notaries and courts.

Training for a job in the civil registry

Registrar you are always made to order by a higher authority.

  • be ordered Do to registrars as civil servants and employees, if you have the technical qualifications.
  • To start your career as clerks in local government to undergo training in the higher administrative service.
  • Fashion for a while in the registry office as an employee. Later visit a special, two-week training course at an academy for civil status.
  • Have you met all the conditions, you can contact with your request to the competent authorities.

If you are appointed as the registrar, you have to visit other training courses regularly. The courses deal inter alia with foreign and international law.

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