Regt smoking your metabolism? - What you should know

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Regt smoking your metabolism?  - What you should know

Slim by nicotine?

Excited metabolism in smokers

  • In fact, smoking affects your metabolism. It stimulates it slightly so that you burn as smoke about 200 calories a day more.
  • But the excited metabolism is now no positive side effect of smoking. The opposite is actually the case: As go with each breath different pollutants in the body, your body is busy trying to metabolize them and eliminate. This will consume more calories.
  • Now, if you stop smoking and eat the same extent on as you have done it before, you will increase as the 200 calories are now redundant.
  • In addition, the digestive tract is often irritated by nicotine. As Non smoking, the intestines can recover and absorb the nutrients better. This also makes more energy can be recovered.
  • Your body stores the excess energy now in the form of fat.
  • So now you have to adjust either your food intake or integrate sport or movement into your daily routine to increase calorie consumption.
  • However, the weight gain often increases only in the first half year. The following year it provide former smokers often, to reduce their weight again.

The positive impact of non-smoking

  • Although smoking has stimulated your metabolism, have the nicotine and other substances in the flue only negative effects on your body. If you manage to quit smoking, you will notice a lot of positives to be after only a short time.
  • If you already have children, they will have you certainly often said how terrible smell and that smoking is disgusting. Your children will now be very proud of you! You can be a role model for your children again.
  • Do you already have smoker's cough? You do not smoke more choices daily to develop smoker's cough. The cough is a sign that your bronchi are already damaged. After you have not smoked for a few days or weeks, you will notice that you have less coughing. Your bronchial tubes relax.
  • The mucous membranes of your nose and mouth are damaged by cigarette smoke most. Quick take again perceive smells and tastes that you could previously not smell or taste.
  • After you have some time Non smoking, you will notice that your skin looks better. Your metabolism is working again, the cells are better supplied with blood and excited. Look at the skin of smokers exactly: she looks not always grayish and is from?
  • Even if you do not realize it now. The risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack has halved already after half a year.
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