Reiki without teachers learn - instructions for beginners

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Reiki without teachers learn - instructions for beginners

In the hands of the (life) is force Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

Reiki - the basics

Although an instruction from an experienced teacher is recommended, you can teach all the basics yourself.

  • Reiki is the universal life energy contained in all objects and living beings. You too have this power in itself, but you need to activate in order to make them available for others. That's what your learning process.
  • Using various techniques, you can find this energy in themselves, amplify and then pass on to others. The basis is the meditation.
  • If you master this, you should try the Gassho-Meiso method. Here you put fingertips together like a tent. Inhale through your nose and draw your breath toward navel. Let flow out the breath through the mouth. Your focus during the whole meditation on your fingers. Using this technique, you can let Reiki flow more, you are also more aware of your own feelings.
  • By Reji-Ho exercise you can open your third eye. Sit up straight, close your eyes and put your hands on the heart (heart chakra). Pray that the energy flowing through you. Listen to your body and your intuition, try to feel the flow of energy in your heart. Pay attention to heat, tingling or other sensations that indicate that something is happening to you.
  • Busy yourself. With the three degrees and their elements Be aware that many months and years may pass before you ascend a further stage.
  • The precepts of the doctrine are essential. Try to implement them for itself. The more balanced you are, the greater your potential for energy work.
  • Practice every day and let the energy flow through your body. In this way, your energy pathways become stronger, also you can so improve your energy level.

Self-initiation without teachers

At the dedication of a teacher is about to open your Reiki channels, to free them from blockages and clean. This usually happens before the attainment of the first degree. This ritual can also independently perform together with a friend.

  1. Do you deal with the Dai-Komio mantra, the strongest element in Reiki. With this you have the best chance to find the vital energy in itself. Print out the icon and practice with the mantra by reciting it in triple rhythm. Talk so "Dai-Ko-Mie-Oh" three times, take a short break and repeat this mantra twice.
  2. Practice a few days to weeks with this mantra, concentrating on your heart chakra. Open your palms so that they look up.
  3. The self-initiation only works with a partner, pick out someone you trust and who would also "energy work". You start as a performer and then the receiver.
  4. Find yourself a quiet place, perhaps on a lawn or in your apartment. Create the necessary conditions for your ritual, as by hanging up relaxing music, light candles and incense. You should feel comfortable around.
  5. Your partner sits in a chair, his hands lying with the palm side up loosely on your thighs. Begin by saying the mantra. Bowing out, keeping your hands are folded. Feel the energy flowing into itself.
  6. Begin at the hands of your partner, put your hands on his, talk to the mantra and transfer your powers to your friend. Proceed to the shoulders. Put together the thumb, fingers linger on the shoulder blades. Say the mantra and let the energy flow for about 30 seconds.
  7. In this way continue, touch the forehead, the back of the head and the feet. Last, to bring the energy to the fold and on the heart chakra.
  8. Complete the ritual with a sentence that is important to you, for example, "I give you my love" or "So be it".

Now switch roles. They themselves become the receiver of energy.

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