Relocation takeover by the employment office - so you could succeed

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Relocation takeover by the employment office - so you could succeed

In the new job thanks to relocation reimbursement.

Removals usually go with considerable costs associated. The packing and unpacking of household goods and furniture and transport of the old into the new apartment represents a logistical feat. Not for nothing it is said: Moved Thrice burned as once.

To apply for relocation reimbursement by the employment office

  • If you are unemployed, Alg I or must reflect and move Alg II, because you have far found a job, make your local clerk of the employment office a request for relocation reimbursement.
  • To help guide you have offers from three different moving companies settle, the breakdown of the respective costs calculated in detail. In general, the employment office will choose the best supplier.
  • The Relocation aid is a subsidy which must not be repaid. However, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the Job Center.
  • The reason of the move must be your new job, other reasons are not accepted. The location of this job must be located so far away that you can not commute permanently there. Which is considered a reasonable upper limit is 2,5 hours per day.
  • When you find a job abroad, you can receive, on request, for a grant. However, a maximum of 4,500 euros relocation reimbursement will be granted in this case.
  • Even for trainees compete for an apprenticeship, removal aid is granted, if they were previously registered with the employment office as a candidate.

Unfortunately, a legal claim for the payment of relocation costs aid is not. They can therefore only be granted as part of the available resources of the labor office.

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