Remedy for abdominal pain - with these home remedies to relieve the pain

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Remedy for abdominal pain - with these home remedies to relieve the pain

Some home remedies work wonders with abdominal pain.

Anyone who has ever had severe abdominal pain, know that in such a case, no work is possible. You will want to lie curled on his couch and wait until the pain ceases in the body herumzubohren. Some options are available but, as you can quickly put an end to your abdominal pain.

Find a suitable remedy for abdominal pain

  • There are abdominal pain and abdominal pain, not all have the same causes. One of the reasons that only affects women, the abdominal pain in the lower abdomen during the period or pregnancy.
  • Another cause would be a food intolerance or the enjoyment of a tainted food.
  • Certain medications also cause abdominal pain, here are especially called that attack the stomach lining, if taken too frequently. This would, for example, anti-inflammatories (Voltaren) or other painkillers, often cause nausea and abdominal pain.
  • Of course, come for colicky abdominal pain also medical question, this would be an appendicitis, biliary colic by cholecystitis, inflamed Darmaussackungen (diverticulitis), an intestinal obstruction (ileus), peritonitis, pancreatitis or tension pain in the liver, hepatitis, or a pulmonary embolism (congestion) for example, in ovarian cysts and many more that can not all be mentioned here.
  • Here we distinguish between spasmodic and colicky pain (visceral) and somatic pain (parietal). The former are to locate bad and have not guarding on the abdominal wall, also the abdominal wall is soft. The person tried the pain by tossing and mitigate changing its location. When somatic pain is a defense voltage when knocked on the abdominal wall, also the pain is very well localized. The interested party has this long-lasting pain and stops his pain relief in immobility. Violent and sudden (acute) pain occurring is also called acute abdomen.
  • An accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment with such unexplained abdominal pain makes the doctor. For non-medical causes also often assist other means against your abdominal pain. In the history of your abdominal pain help data, how long and how often, when, how much and exactly where the abdominal pain occurs when the last bowel movement was and how often winds (gases) were disposed.

SHOULD IT BE nonmedical abdominal pain alternative methods

  • For your abdominal pain more harmless, there are some good home remedies that you can use. So for example, helps a cup Koriandertee or basil leaf tea every morning.
  • According to a rich heavy food that you caused abdominal pain, you can drink a glass of artichoke juice.
  • A hot water bottle placed on the abdomen, caused by the weight of an impression on the aching stomach and through the heat pain relief.
  • A good remedy if you suffer from hyperacidity stomach, raw vegetables would eat acting acid-neutralizing and can disappear abdominal pressures soon.
  • Eat boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or potato soup, which also helps with abdominal pain.
  • Against stomach cramps buckthorn is helpful. Three times a day to take a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil (pharmacy) and stomach ache decreases.
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