Remedy horsetails - so you get rid of them

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Remedy horsetails - so you get rid of them

Weeds can often only fight tenaciously.

Herbicide - Provisional measures

Weed Has only settled once, this is often difficult to get at, so that the measures for removing represent often more expensive to take the preventive measures regularly. Regular cleaning of the green areas incl. Soil preparation you can control weeds like horsetails effectively.

  • Especially the horsetails often represent a very problematic weed in the garden, because once settled, these plants are rooted very deep, so that the superficial tearing of the aerial parts of the plants is not sufficient, as this sprout again.
  • Primary of horsetail is among the horsetails is a widespread plant that is difficult to remove even with different means and measures, so especially the provisional measures taken under the garden maintenance should avoid the cultivation of the weed.
  • The commonly affected areas of large green spaces such as the lawn you should scarify twice a year, once in the fall and the other in spring.
  • Corresponding devices for scribing the lawn surface you can, at best, in the construction market rent for a deposit. In this way, you rid the lawn of dead grass stalks and other weed species such as mosses and example yarrow. In addition, the blades of grass can provide better water and nutrients, so have a good resistance to the establishment of weeds such as horsetails.
  • Horsetails grow particularly well there, where the soil environment is too acidic, so that also different weed species colonize besides the horsetails. Accordingly, you should look at the quality floor that the soil is not too heavy and permanent wet, but pay attention to a loose soil so that the placed garden plants can flourish and not the weeds.
  • In order to effectively neutralize acidic soil, so that no horsetails able to colonize, you should accordingly with lime powder, sprinkle the affected areas, so that infiltrates the next downpour of lime and soil profound respect. The pH value neutralized.
  • Besides scarifying the green areas you should aerate well, so ventilate besides treating the grass surfaces also ground with the device, so that the agricultural or garden plants can perform better and are not gradually replaced by weeds.

Remove horsetails permanently - effective methods

If horsetails have only settled once, you should use the right tools to help you stay permanently spared from weeds.

  • In order to permanently prevent the settlement of horsetails in the garden area, the base region, the long-lasting saves a lot of moisture, should be equipped with a drainage. In this way the water flows better, the floor is thus neither too heavy, nor the pH in the acidic range shifts. When infestation with horsetails should accordingly directly loosen also the floor next to the removal of weeds and ensure a flow of the rainwater, otherwise you run the risk that always settle horsetails, mosses, yarrow and other weed varieties.
  • To remove horsetails permanently, it is important that you dig especially deep roots of the weeds with the spade and discard. Avoid disposing of the remote plant residues in the compost, because there the plants can sprout again and multiply on the spurs of the undesirable proliferation in the garden area.
  • On smaller areas that are infested with the weeds, also the use of saline has been proven. This feeds into the ground and through the high salt concentration deprives any remaining roots the water based on osmosis. To dry up and wither the roots of horsetails, so that they can no longer continue to grow. You should not stray or sidewalk salt, because this can otherwise also damage desirable plants acutely, moreover road salt has a harmful effect on the ecology.

Similarly, you should respect the means and measures. Combating horsetails guided by how strong the infestation with weeds presents itself.

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