Remember faces - so successful training

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Remember faces - so successful training

It is difficult for many to remember faces.

Blind for faces - an important distinction

  • If you can remember bad faces, it is important to make a distinction: Is your ability what other regards the memorization of the trains, just not very big or you are face blind?
  • The prosopagnosia is a recognized disease in which sufferers are not able to memorize other. That means in plain text: Who suffers could own spouse meet on the road and would not recognize him on the basis of the face. It is said that about 2.5 percent of the world are affected by this disease.
  • If you recognize yourself merely schwertun, colleagues, former classmates or acquaintances, you need not to worry. Then do not suffer from prosopagnosia, but are "face scatterbrained".
  • If you are not sure what applies to you, helps a test of the Ruhr University Bochum. Get a positive result and go elsewhere assume that you are suffering from extreme face blindness, the below mentioned training methods are at least help you in moderation. All others can make it so, to avoid pitfalls in the future.

To train memorizing facial features

  • First, there is an easy method of getting to work memorizing faces. To do this, take a few magazines on hand, make faces out of it and place them in a series. Take a picture of the series. Then try to remember the faces in the correct order. Mix the pictures, wait for five minutes and then try the series exactly lie so again. This little brain training can work wonders.
  • Another way to learn memorizing faces it, a closer look is. Take a set of faces before and try each of them to accurately describe: the momentum of the eyebrows, eye color, nose size, the fullness of the lips. What stands out in particular? Which feature looks pretty, ugly or even funny? Over time you will learn so, also take a closer look at the daily life, and so easy to get a better look for faces.
  • If you want this partout not succeed, you can to avoid pitfalls, use a trick: Remember every time you meet new, a detail. This can be a piercing, a particular hair color, it can be protruding ears, a piece of jewelry that always wears one, or a tooth gap. Remember the person using this details. In the future, you can look at it if you are not sure who you particularly caters there. But beware: Most of the details are changed, a piercing can be as easily removed. Consider this method therefore rather than support.
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