Remittances make to Austria - so you get it right

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Remittances make to Austria - so you get it right

Transfers abroad are not complicated.

to do Before Transfer

Before you make a transfer to Austria online or by referral, the following tasks must be performed by you:

  1. The receiver of the monetary amount IBAN and SWIFT or BIC are to learn together with Bank information such as name and address. This data will have already told usually the receiver.
  2. In one of your statements you will find the information on their own IBAN and SWIFT case is noted that IBAN (International Banc Account Number) is the account number for international transfers. SWIFT is similar to our bank code.
  3. Remaining is the form mentioning. In Online Banking, select the mask for EURO transfers or obtain from your local bank, a SEPA-form for transfers to other European countries.

Money Transfer Services to Austria

  • In each line you write the data you know. The mask in online banking and the SEPA credit transfers are to explain in more detail. All rows are labeled accurately. You only necessary to ensure that all details are to be made accurately. A bank transfer can not be subsequently corrected.
  • It is easily possible to have very long account numbers not quoted accurately. An incorrect number in this number means that the transfer most likely will not reach the recipient. Conclusion So that all data on safety should be checked once again.
  • Incidentally transfers to Austria are just treating them like in other European countries.

When is the transfer to the recipient in Austria?

  • Thanks to modern technical means and the legal regulations are transfers abroad only slightly longer than traveling within Germany. Most of the amount is one or two days after the recipient. Mandatory are a maximum of 5 working days, but which are usually below.
  • An urgent transfer is therefore usually not necessary. This also costs 10 to 15 euros. The standard transfer, however, can be estimated at about 0.50 euros.

How much money can be made with a bank transfer?

  • Pro Transfer maximum of 50.000, - Euro will be paid. Any payments through 12,500, - Euro must be notified by the Bank to the Bundesbank (Money Laundering Act). Who pays as a vacation property by bank transfer, will not stückeln the amount, since in this case the total amount of the price of the property is reported.
  • Exceptions to this rule are stores. Thus, the amount can be split for a car and not subject to registration.

Regime for transfers of the European Community

In Regulation 2560/2001 prices and other rules for these financial transactions in Europe are regulated. This is of importance, a bank should not adhere to these rules, the customer demand from higher contributions or take too long for a referral.

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