Remove bananas spots - so you are the stains on your clothes Go

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Remove bananas spots - so you are the stains on your clothes Go

To remove stains banana, you do not have access to chemical agents.

Remove bananas stains in clothing effortless with home remedies

  • Although bananas are not very juicy, they leave anyway stains on clothing that can not always be removed by simple washing. Ideally you access immediately because: Stains are best removed when they are still fresh.
  • If you soak the affected garment immediately in clear water, the tannins can not settle until the fiber. Then it is often sufficient, the affected garment easy to do in the next wash and stain disappears.
  • Use a stain removers, try on an inconspicuous area first this, some agents have a strong bleaching effect and is of course not desirable in colorful clothes.
  • If the garment is colorfast, you wet the stain with banana vinegar, citric acid or buttermilk, depending on what is available in your household. Of course, the fabric is characterized attacked, so you should not leave for too long especially vinegar and citric acid. Rinse the garment thoroughly afterwards so that the effect of the patch agent is stopped.
  • Gallseife is a proven stain removers that found in many households. The banana patch, you can naturally treat with gall soap or a stain remover. After the subsequent washing can be found by banana usually no trace on clothes. If the banana patch not disappeared, repeat the treatment. Often a lot of patience is necessary until a stain is completely gone.
  • White garments are easily bleach to remove stains These kinds. This works even when you simply hanging the clothes a few days in the sun.
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