Remove elderberry stains - so your clothes will be clean again

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Remove elderberry stains - so your clothes will be clean again

Remove elder spots with home remedies out of clothes. sabine Koriath / Pixelio

Elderberry stains are usually completely removed when they are still fresh. It is therefore advantageous, if you know some home remedies that such spots to declare war. Because if you have yet to buy a chemical cleaner, the elder spots is already drawn into the fabric. Most home remedies, defeat these spots are in your kitchen cupboard.

Remove fresh elderberry stains with boiling water

  1. A not dried elderberry spots, with an agent that everyone has at home, may be removed from the clothes is not a hard job.
  2. simply cooking a large kettle full of tap water.
  3. The boiled water then hold in a very high level over the garment and let it run slowly with a thin stream of water over the elder spots.
  4. Please note what kind of material has thereby your clothes. Not every type of fabric can be doused with boiling water.

Remove stains with elderberry conventional home remedies

  1. Before you give the affected garment with the elder stains to wash in the washing machine, treat the stain with sour milk. Let this some time effect on the elder spots.
  2. Originates the elder stains of cooked fruit, soak it in a 1: 1 ammonia-water mixture a. Then treat the stain even further with a mixture of buttermilk and lemon juice. Also have them collected for some time in it, and then into the washing machine. The washing program as always choose. With these home remedies you can remove the stains, either completely or at least let fade.

Remove elderberry stains from wool

  1. Is the mishap happened on the good wool sweater, you can save this by soaking the elder spots in lemon juice and leave. Immediately after that, wash the stains off with a soapy solution.
  2. This is also true for the material lines. For this substance, the elder spots with the same home remedies can be removed.

Unfortunately it is not always all fruit stains / elder remove stains from the garments.

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