remove latex paint from the wall

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remove latex paint from the wall

Latex paint adheres tenaciously to the wall.

  1. If you have problems with mold stains on a painted with latex paint wall, do not cover it with new paint, plaster or even a cladding plasterboard panels this. This is often recommended as latex paint is difficult to remove. The mold problem would therefore not solved.
  2. To remove thin layers of latex paint from the wall, you will need a cloth with alcohol soak and thus plenty of rub a small portion of the wall. Only alcohol can soften the water-resistant latex paint.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and then wipe with a rough possible Wurzelbürste the latex paint from the wall. In order to free an entire wall in this type of latex paint, you need to take some effort and a lot of time in buying.
  4. Even more effective than alcohol dissolves organic mordant from the hardware store to latex paint. Since this means is quite aggressive, you have to wear gloves and respirators, and follow the instructions on the pack exactly.
  5. Once you have softened the latex paint with the dressing, you can best scrape with a spatula from the wall. Dispose of the remains of the color and the mordant then responsibly as hazardous.
  6. Ventilate the room after removing the latex paint several days well until the last alcohol or Beizmittelrückstände have dissipated. Before repainting, you should check the appropriate colors. If you have problems with mold under the latex paint, you have the walls pre-treated with special products.
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