Remove virus - which should note the

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Remove virus - which should note the is a known virus page.


The unusual at is, that this is not a file (such as is usually the case when a virus), but a website is. This website has been created by three young programmers, principally with the intention to annoy internet users. Who opens the page and the script allows, what automatically happens with some browsers and security settings, the page can not connect by simply clicking away again. Those who also looks at the offered on the site over 18 video, by a small Trojan downloads to the computer, which makes for annoying pop-up ads and also opens the page even after a restart. You see: in the sense not a virus, which can compromise your system or even destroy, but it's a little annoying website, which can make it difficult working on computers all over already. Therefore, it is of course best, not enter the site only. What should you do if you have already opened the link, read below.

get rid of the virus - so harmless come away from

  • If you have the URL opened and they can not connect with the small crosses in the browser area, press Alt, Ctrl and Delete. To access the Task Manager, which allows you to quit the respective window.
  • If you have the video already viewed on the page, is not enough: Then you have already captured the virus which opens the page again. Therefore now invite the little tool ccleaner, download and install it.
  • The tool then clean your entire PC. The cache files that ensure that the page opens again, will be deleted.

Then, your PC should function normally again.

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