remove nose hair permanently - how it works

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remove nose hair permanently - how it works

Nose hairs protect against disease.

remove hair permanently

  • Remember, if you plan to take off your nose hairs, that they have a protective function and are applied carefully considered by the body. Filter nose hair the air inhalation of dirt and insects. Had you there is no hair, the air would unfiltered get into your lungs and could easily lead to diseases there. Therefore remove only the hairs that look out permanently from the nostrils to you.
  • As favorable solution between suited a nose trimmer to keep the nasal vestibule, where he cuts the hair by rotating small knife.
  • Of course you can also use a small pair of scissors to cut his nose hair.
  • If your nose hairs disappear permanently, the path takes you likely soon to the dermatologist or beautician. The beautician can guide through a needle-epilation current in the individual hair follicles that are destroyed. When dermatologist working not with power, but with laser. Both methods lead to the hair not grow, but they are relatively expensive.
  • Try better not, his hair herauszuzupfen with tweezers. This process is extremely painful! In addition, can ignite when pulling out the hair follicle.

Nose hairs and inflammation

  • Take off your nose hairs with tweezers, there is always the danger that the outer portion of the hair follicle inflamed by this action. This is known as folliculitis.
  • A folliculitis is very painful circumstances. The skin swells, is red and painful. Since the nose is generally more sensitive to pain, such a disease should not challenge you.
  • Mostly heals a folliculitis from no other consequences, but you can also extend into a boil.
  • Do you have a boil on the nose, you probably need medical treatment. Now the entire hair follicle and possibly the surrounding tissue is inflamed. Thus the inflammation heals, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic often. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the boil with a scalpel so that the tissue is relieved.
  • Because of these complications, you should only use your tweezers in future for pulling out splinters - not for the permanent removal of nose hair.
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