remove red wine stains on the tablecloth - how it works properly

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remove red wine stains on the tablecloth - how it works properly

Red wine stains - so you get the tablecloth clean again!

To disappear the red wine stains on the tablecloth

  1. Get salt from the kitchen and sprinkle it generously on the red wine stain on the tablecloth. You can give calm a whole packet of salt on red wine stains. It is very important that you immediately after you spill wine, put salt on it. Because the salt draws the liquid - in this case, the red wine - from the tablecloth.
  2. Leave for the salt preferably overnight! So make sure that the entire moisture is absorbed.
  3. The next morning the tablecloth comes with the red stains in the washing machine. At best, the salt, the red color has completely absorbed. After washing the ugly stain should be gone.
  4. If you have spotted a white tablecloth, you can use bleach before washing to play it safe.
  • Another trick sounds a bit weird, but it works: Pour just a very acidic white wine to red wine stain on the tablecloth. The acid removes the red color and the stain is gone. Much acid contains, among other things Riesling.
  • Also brandy leaves red wine stains on the tablecloth disappear: Enter a clear shot to the red wine stain, for example, grain or ouzo. Allow the alcohol to react for some time, then the stain is gone and you can use the good tablecloth again.
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