Remove scratches on iPhone 4 - Here's how

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Remove scratches on iPhone 4 - Here's how

Protectors protect the screen from scratches

The iPhone 4 is made even less scratches against his than his predecessors. In fact, nothing happens when you scratch along with a key on the surface. Smaller, fine scratches can be prevented but not always.

Become scratches on the iPhone 4 going

  • The surface of the iPhone is made of tempered glass, so polishing away scratches is difficult. Commercially available adhesive scratch for mobile phones are only suitable for plastic surfaces, not for iPhone.
  • The easiest way to get rid of annoying scratches, of course, is a conversion of the surface. This performance, however, is excluded from the guarantee. You can try to obtain a replacement at Apple Support are excluded. If this is not possible, will cost you a new surface about 200 Euro.
  • When home remedies for scratches applies toothpaste. Against the use of toothpaste, however, there are two reasons: 1. toothpaste acts similarly to the above-mentioned polishing, ie not only suitable for plastic surfaces, and is therefore suitable for the removal of scratches on the glass surface of the iPhone. 2. In an expensive electronic device such as the iPhone 4 should not be experimenting with home remedies, so that the device is not damaged, and for example, the touch screen function is impaired.

Better than remove: avoid traces

  • A cell phone is a commodity, and as such you can see its age and its use also. Small scratches can not always be avoided, but they are annoying anyway. The best way to protect your iPhone so so scratches do not arise.
  • There are cases that protect the iPhone 4 completely - from scratches, but also if it should fall out of his hand again. These can be bought or manufactured by you in the Mobile Phone Shop.
  • Who an envelope is too much, which can buy special protective films for the surface. They cost about 20 euros and are mounted front and rear on the iPhone. The touch screen function is not impaired and the surface should be scratched, you can simply remove the foil and possibly stick a new one.
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