Remove tiles themselves - wall tiles in the kitchen

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Remove tiles themselves - wall tiles in the kitchen

Remove old tiles with electric Stemmgerät

Remove the wall covering in the kitchen itself

Before you begin, remove the wall covering in the kitchen, the kitchen must be dispelled. Remove all electrical outlets and light switches from the walls. Turn all the fuses, also of the hearth, from.

  • Please enter your own safety protective clothing. If you in the kitchen to remove a wall covering in the form of tiles, you must protect your eyes through goggles against splinters. Even wearing a dust mask P3, which you get at the hardware store, is necessary. Your hands to protect with suitable work gloves from injury. When working with electric Stemmgerät Hearing protection is recommended.
  • The wall covering in the kitchen to remove most easily with an electric hammer drill and a broad spade chisel. The joint material is softer than the tile, so you will begin within a joint with caulking. If you have the grout chiselled out next to a tile, set the chisel very obliquely, ie at an angle 20-30 degrees behind the tile to. The tile then bursts away forward. To work right until the entire wall covering is removed.
  • In old buildings often pumice were used. These walls are softer than tile grout and the tile itself. For this reason, you must here work very carefully. If, despite all precautions through the caulking holes have appeared in the wall, you can repair it again with a cement mortar.
  • If you do not have Stemmhammer available, or if you need to remove only small areas of wall tiles in the kitchen, you can work with a "sledge" (heavy hammer) and a chisel do. Again, first remove grout before leaving the tile to jump by obliquely positioning the chisel.

Tiles, the adherent tile adhesive and grout are rubble. You can dispose of in containers for free on most building materials yards.

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