Remove Trojan - so it'll work professionally and cost

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Remove Trojan - so it'll work professionally and cost

PC viruses as agony of daily life

Simple Trojans or spyware

To trojan or to remove viruses from a Windows system in general, is needed as a rule, only one anti-virus program. A very good and especially free program can be obtained on the Internet

  • In this case, install and simply open the program, perform a deep scan of the computer and delete the infected files.
  • An occasional repeated scan can help you to identify passed through the filter Spyware time.

Remove Persistent System Virus

However, it may be that the removal of the virus is more difficult for you. Depending on what kind of Trojan or virus is, a normal anti-virus program is not to, delete able this. It may also be that your system no longer boots up.

  • In such a case it is advisable (or watch box for the next time) that have either back up your important data or a rescue CD in advance.
  • The most important data you should always check for viruses in the repeated copying. An independent from Internet USB stick or laptop can serve you as a good storage space.
  • The image of a rescue disk to get z. B. for Windows XP, Vista and 7 on the Internet. This you can then burn to a CD / DVD, so your system can be later restored easily.

In order to remove such a recalcitrant virus, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the network cable and hats your computer from the Internet.
  2. Start your Windows system in Safe Mode. This is possible through pressing the F8 key during startup.
  3. Call the Windows registry. This is done by the console command "regedit", you (without the quotes), enter the command prompt or search and press Enter.
  4. In the registry, locate the appropriate files of the Trojan and delete them. Most can be found in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows section. Here, however, may require a longer search. A rough guide here can press CTRL + ALT + DEL to be, in which you can see below the running processes which malware is active and where the respective path goes.
  5. Following shut down the system and restart the PC as usual.

The radical variants against Trojans

If this path does not work well, yet remain two last options.

  • You can optionally draw on its emergency CD. This select during installation request the point of restoration or repair and reset your system. Depending on the system you will also be asked here for your administrator password.
  • In this way, all your data will be retained and the system is, added, including the still existing malicious software in the state shortly after installation.
  • You can either ignore the Trojans now, since they have or permanently delete any more targets. The deletion is, however, recommended, since the Trojans after patches may be active again.
  • All your files are saved. However, you should as soon as possible to invite all usual USB or Windows patches in the form of service packs on your system to keep it up to date. Furthermore, a final scan of the anti-virus program is also recommended here.

The last option should however be used by you only when all else fails, or you is given no option to z. B. a rescue disk. For this, all existing data on your computer will be deleted.

  • They lay their Windows CD in the drive, driving the computer and reinstall the system. As part of this process to format your hard drive and start with a complete renovation of all components.
  • Subsequently, each program must be reinstalled from you and subjected to an update. First, you should be there to take care of Windows itself and an anti-virus software.

What should I watch for Trojans yet

Finally, you should always make sure that your programs are always up to date. This will not hurt a week forced update. It is precisely a lack of update of Java or Windows may cause those vulnerabilities which have exploited you the Trojans and viruses to infect your computer.

However, if you stay calm and never leave your personal information or pay money, you can not go wrong before.

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