remove urine stains - how it works

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remove urine stains - how it works

Urine leaves stubborn stains. Carsten disciples / Pixelio

General information about urine stains

  • Urine stains mostly caused by small children, the elderly or the elderly, incontinent patients or pets.
  • Most often the urine stains in upholstery, mattresses, carpets and clothing must be removed.
  • Usually a bright, yellow spot remains and an unpleasant odor. Especially in uncastrated males the smell of urine spot is unbearable. Where a cat once marked, they highlighted like again.

Procedure in removing urine stains

  • Urine stains in carpets can be avoided by rub the carpet with cold water immediately. If the stain still be a little older, you just give a little disinfectant on the urine stain in the carpet. Alternatively, you can also spray commercial deodorant on the urine stain in the carpet to remove the stain.
  • If the urine stain be found in clothes, just use the appropriate stain remover from the drugstore, which were specifically designed against urine stains. Urine stains on light-colored clothes, you can eliminate using bleaches.
  • Urine stains on leather garments remove easily with a damp cloth, gently wipe it so thoroughly over the stain and then polish.
  • Sole urine smell you get with a vinegar-water mixture away, which with a mixing ratio of 1: touch. 5 Disinfectant not only removes urine stains, but also takes the strong pungent odor.
  • For all other materials on which a urine stain is, just use pure vinegar or try using lemon juice commercial. In this way, you can also simply and effectively eliminate the urine stains.
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