Removing cylinder lock - so go ahead

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Removing cylinder lock - so go ahead

Important when replacing the cylinder lock BirgitH / Pixelio

When to expand a cylinder lock

Reasons why you should develop a cylinder lock can be limited to:

  • The castle is always difficult to move, it is threatening to block soon.
  • Those formerly had a key to the lock and access authorization, the entry will be denied future.
  • Even as a tenant you have the right to develop a cylinder lock to protect your privacy. However, you have to set in advance the owner about removing having to restore the original state after termination of the lease.

How you can perform the expansion of the cylinder lock

As mentioned above, the cylinder lock can only be removed if you have a matching key. If you have locked yourself out of your home and the lock should also be closed, is in Yourself usually nothing left to do his. Here now is the call to a Notschlosser or Locksmiths almost inevitable. The following instructions assume that you have a fitting and functioning keys.

  1. Remove the eight screws from the Sicherheitsverschlägen on both sides of the door. Should this still not be detachable after that, you have to reduce the set itself. You only need to splint - using a hammer blow - and pull out one of the door handles afterwards.
  2. Now turn the screw that secures the cylinder in the lock out. This screw can be found directly on the lock on the Stulplatte. Thereafter, the cylinder in the door should already be able to move slightly.
  3. Now insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn it slowly to the right. Pull it gently on the keys. Once the correct position during turning and pulling operation reached, the cylinder can be easily found.
  4. The rear mounting of the old castle or the installation of a new cylinder operates in exactly the same way, only in reverse. When installing a new cylinder lock, you should make absolutely sure that this flush shoots with the safety fittings. Thus, a burglar will become difficult and the insurance coverage is now generally guaranteed.
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