renew driving licenses - so you go for truckers

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renew driving licenses - so you go for truckers

Let your truck license extended time.

Five-year period for the HGV license

  • If you have purchased your license for categories C and CE after 31.12.1998, as it is imprinted in your driving license card, the expiration date.
  • Do you still see the old drive vehicles in category 2, you have to leave this at the latest up to your 50th birthday and also extend from that date also applies to the requirement to leave the driver's license for large trucks renew every five years.
  • Remember to submit your documents in good time, so that the extension can be up to the expiry date also performed. Three months should usually be sufficient to do so.
  • Since 10.9.2009 applies to professional drivers / inside throughout the EU, the professional driver qualification law (BKrFQG). Under this law, you must prove every five years that you have completed the training for professional drivers in the form of five thematic modules. Since this will be entered in the license, you should be careful to combine the two dates (expiry of the license and the period of the training certificate) in order to avoid unnecessary administrative costs.

To renew your driving license C / CE

  • To renew your license, you need a certificate of a medical and an ophthalmological examination for drivers. Let your family doctor / optometrist or the company doctor examine your company and submit the certification for a driving license office.
  • You will also need a biometric photo for your new license.
  • Insert a valid identity card or a passport plus Meldebest├Ątigung that is not older than three months before.
  • To satisfy even the BKrFQG, specify if you renew the license, also confirmations for the five completed modules from.
  • You are notified when you can pick up your new license.
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