repair cracks in plaster - Here's how

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repair cracks in plaster - Here's how

plastering An outer wall is not difficult.

In exterior masonry cracks every once by the movement of the different materials with each other. Even tree roots of trees, which are next to the house can be responsible for cracks in the masonry or it finds a splintering of the external plaster by mechanical action, for example, kicking against the wall instead. But mending cracks in the plaster is not as difficult as you think.

When to cracks in the masonry are fixed

  • If the masonry is still fresh and works, fine cracks in the plaster can always arise. You should go only with some paint over the cracks. In addition, it can happen again and again that newly plastered surfaces will obtain a relatively stable temperature cracks because mineral plaster is too brittle and rigid to compensate for these fluctuations.
  • To protect any existing insulation, over which has been plastered, by snags plaster should be repaired, because the thermal pads are very sensitive to shock and also it constitutes a visible "cosmetic" problem. Therefore, you should repair such cracks in the plaster.

repair plaster is not that hard

With a little technical skill you can repair cracks in the plaster itself. But but some preparatory work is needed.

  • First clean the deep cracks of the outer wall to be plastered, with a high pressure cleaner. Remove loose plaster remains and beat well from deeper cracks in the brickwork of the old plaster away. Lose finer plaster remains can be removed with a wire brush or a scrubbing brush (otherwise would the high-pressure cleaner more harm than good cause).
  • Trowel large cracks before plastering separately from, with a putty for exterior use. Then you should have a plaster primer (DIY) Apply for a better grip of the plaster. Let this dry well.
  • If the plaster fallen ever recurring over time, you should an expanded metal mesh (wire mesh) incorporate, as this provides a better grip and prevents renewed breakage of plaster on a long time.
  • Do you have corners or edges on the outside wall that you want to render, so wear before plastering on a metal edge protection, which prevents the corners are always new damage.
  • Soak the now to be plastered part of the wall a, so that the wall, although moistened but not wet, otherwise slipping the freshly applied plaster.
  • Mix the plaster so the mortar bucket, so that it is slightly crumbly. Also observe the instructions on the cleaning package.
  • Then fill the plaster on the cracks on or use for larger areas a trowel. More experienced handyman can flush using the trowel throw at the wall. Do not include the new plaster are only about 2 mm above the old plaster. Then pull the plastered site with a timber smoothly.
  • Now let dry the plaster and after a few hours you can already start with the Auspinseln the edges. The brush should it be wet, clean and soft. After another day scrape gently protruding edges with a spatula.
  • However, before you now apply exterior wall paint or tile, you should leave the plastered masonry dry for a few days right.

If it does not work immediately, do not be discouraged, it is in fact not a master yet fallen from the sky. Incidentally, also a professional plasterer fails, that the masonry not eventually tears again as the continuous development of high temperature differences, which the different materials can not follow so quickly.

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