Repair Torn threaded hole in a wooden furniture

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Repair Torn threaded hole in a wooden furniture

The torn-threaded bore you must prepare

  • With natural wood furniture, the procedure is usually less expensive. The hole must be free of loose fragments. Subject the torn threaded bore the visible surface, check that again can produce a neat appearance with gluing. Otherwise, the damaged section must be chiseled out and replaced with fresh material.
  • Is it Pressspanplatte where the threaded hole is torn, you often need to repair the area surrounding the damaged area. Chipboard has a short fiber character, it tends to break quickly. Remove any loose chips here and make sure that the material is dry.
  • Has the surface of the furniture deformed, try using a clamp, as completely as possible to produce the flat face again. Should then be stuck, you must make sure that the glue does not connect under specified printing plates or the like fixed to the furniture.

So you can repair your wood furniture again

  1. In the clean areas of damage on wood furniture squeeze a repair paste which is known as "Liquid wood". In any hardware store, the preparation is to have, it is usually solventborne, Therefore ensure good ventilation. It is to penetrate into every corner of the torn-threaded bore.
  2. If the surface with prejudice, provide a filler, you can pry again after curing the repair paste and install in its place the patch to repair the appearance. He is then glued with wood glue and then pressed with a clamp on the damaged area.
  3. The now resealed threaded hole you can now attach anew. The repair material can be treated as wood and also offers sufficient strength for the insertion of a new anchor, a threaded sleeve or simply for wood screws. A smooth surface can be accessed by sanding with sandpaper.
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