replace pavement - Here's how gently

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replace pavement - Here's how gently

Plasters are particularly suitable for small wounds

Alternatives to paving

  • A patch is a fast supply, if your skin is hurt and not massive bleeding. Plasters are very flexible and can be applied all over the body. When applying patches, make sure that they can be detached amends.
  • Hairy bodies are not particularly well suited to fix a plaster on it, as it may be painful during detachment and while pulling your hair out of the skin. In case of heavy leg hair should precaution without a patch and better to create a federation. You can usually painless to remove.
  • For heavily bleeding wounds, it is advisable to apply a bandage. This is greater than a plaster. A pressure bandage is possible here (at very heavy bleeding).

So you can replace it gently

If you have yet stuck a plaster on a hairy body and this want to remove, you should consider the following.

  • If you are brave and can endure pain, you can replace the patch by tearing it through a quick jerk. While it may stick hair on patches, but if you replace it quite carefully, you have more pain because you deduct multiply the pavement, always only in small pieces.
  • They also have the ability to reduce oil or baby oil, the adhesiveness of the patch. Here, the patch must be well soaked, so you can replace it without pain. This also applies to water-resistant pavement, because this oil can penetrate and the adhesiveness of interrupts.
  • You can also remove residues that have remained stubborn, with oil. For this it is advisable to soak a cotton ball with oil and this let to distribute and act on the adhesive. Now you can easily remove the adhesive residue.
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