Replace wiper motor - Here's how

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Replace wiper motor - Here's how

Good visibility in all weather conditions is essential - you ensure a proper wiper motor!

Remove the old wiper motor

  1. In the old construction are encountered as little resistance to the old wiper motor. The panels are kept sparse and often has nothing to be degraded. Modern vehicles do here sometimes headache. In any case, you must have plenty of room to move around the wiper motor fingers. The engine must be able to pull inward.
  2. By loosening the connection between the crank on the motor and the linkage that moves the wiper blades. If this connection is a ball joint, it can be removed with light pressure. Otherwise, you need proper tools. Something simple the task may be, if only one wiper blade is available. Then the wiper sits possibly directly on the drive shaft and you have to solve only the wiper arm. This will occur especially in older construction.
  3. If the motor from rod or the wiper arm separately, unplug electrical connectors, or loosen the terminal screws of the terminals. It is important that you remember which cable is on which terminal. Write down the colors and the corresponding numbers of the terminal points. Attention! The system must be de-energized, otherwise you risk short-circuit!
  4. The wiper motor can now be screwed out of the holder. A replacement engine does not necessarily have the same shape as the old, but the technical parameters must match the number and designation of the electrical connections. Often, the engines are type-bound, then adjusts only the original spare parts.
  5. Have the new wiper motor mounted again in reverse order, you should test it to sample only with folded or loose wiper arms. Not true, the working angle and the wiper arms run over the edge of the disk, the drive linkage has to be readjusted if necessary, or the wiper arms are re-attach.
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